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Playgroup Festival ’11

Amazing weekend in Playgroup Festival around Brighton, a magical music event packed off fun, cupcakes, grass, fantastic animals, colours….  and obviously, awesome bands and dj’s.  Bruno Otranto gave me the chance to take such amusing shots in his Burleske Show, electronic-circus music session highly recommended! I enjoyed it like a kid, seriously!



…How long!


Yeah, long time since the last post, isn’t it? Just about the same time I’ve been living in Brighton. Sorry about that, guys!! The change of peninsula to island is not a small deal… 

These are some of the pics I’ve taken in the most awesome months of my being, I hope people understand why I’m so happy here!!



LDN. The city speaks

London Bridge

Completely fascinated by this bridge. I had never seen so blue and so beautiful …

Completamente fascinada con este puente. Nunca lo había visto tan azul y tan bonito…

Portobello Road

In love with these streets, fronts, shops and blooming trees.

Enamorada de estas calles, sus fachadas, sus tiendas y sus árboles en flor.

Camden Town

Some pictures about my last travel to London. I spent 5 fantastic days with some fantastic friends. I hope you like!

Algunas fotos de mi último viaje a Londres. Pasé 5 fantásticos días con fantásticos amigos. Espero que te gusten!