…How long!


Yeah, long time since the last post, isn’t it? Just about the same time I’ve been living in Brighton. Sorry about that, guys!! The change of peninsula to island is not a small deal… 

These are some of the pics I’ve taken in the most awesome months of my being, I hope people understand why I’m so happy here!!




94 responses to “…How long!

  1. Lovely pictures – especially the top 4, they’re my fave!

  2. Nice 🙂 I live around the Brighton area… Beautiful place 😀

  3. such gorgeous photos!

  4. woowww!! These pictures are awesome!! so beautiful.. Thank you so much for sharing them.. 😀

  5. I love Brighton!!! Wonderful photos!! 🙂 **

  6. Interesting 60s postcard look to most of the top set of images – ah it brings it all back. Loved the big man little dog and the feeling of a sinking Pavilion. Thanks for posting these photos – very enjoyable

  7. Very cool photographs, lovely style.

  8. I can see why you love it there! The architecture is beautiful, as well as the seaside!

  9. Like the balloon one

  10. Lovely photos! It’s clear why you love being there so much! 🙂

  11. Nice pictures. Very beautiful settings.

    I just started a blog and I interview other bloggers. I would like for you to answer some questions for me if you can find the time. Thanks.


  12. Lovely photos! You captured the architecture people f. and I just wrote a blog myself on Brighton Beach, in Brooklyn NY. Though my photos are nowhere near as stunning as yours, they are a good indication of what our Brooklyn version looks like. If you’re interested, there’s a slideshow at the end of the post – on http://www.marinachetner.com

  13. Sorry – computer problemo on my comment up above. What i mean to say was: “You captured the architecture and the people beautifully.”

  14. God I haven’t been there in so many years
    What lovely photos and a great post

  15. I really liked Brighton when i studied there for a month in 1990 !! Nice pictures !!

  16. Brighton is one of my favourite places. Love these pics..makes me want to spend a few days there, like NOW!

  17. Brighton looks very glamorous in your pics!

  18. I am so impressed. Every single photo is so beautiful!! I love the color in them and that it’s perfectly balanced, not too overwhelming but not too light.

  19. Your pictures set a perfect scene of Brighton 🙂 What did you think of the new big wheel? isaw?

  20. Gorgeous pictures and I love the vintage feel!

  21. When I was in college I saw the movie Quadrophenia and I got excited about seeing Brighton some day. Then in 1991 I visited Brighton for the first time. I took photographs, but nothing quite as vibrant and alive as your photographs.

  22. I was just there for the first time in September. Loved it! Thanks for bringing it all back.

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  24. Julio Eiffelt R R

    Hoho., Great Photos. Love it 🙂

  25. Nice pictures. What’s the camera used for this? I like how it is shot and the color. 😀

  26. Your images are like postcards. Beautiful!

  27. My grandmother was born in Brighton and lived there until she was 12, when the family left for Canada in 1905. I visited there 40 years ago — this brings my image of it up to date!

  28. Interesting photographs. Powerful images. Thanks for sharing.

  29. I loved my time in Brighton/hove. Isn’t it funny how a drag queen always brightens the place up a bit! FABULOUS sweety darling

  30. To reiterate would be like a drop in the ocean of comments above but I do truly love your pictures! Mind me asking whats the fonts you used on your first image “Brighton”? How do you get that washed out look in your pictures? Sincerely, idiots guide to awesome photography :p

    • First of all Than you for you comment!! It’s very pleasant for me to read each one of them, really!! The font I used is Century Gothic (typical, simple hahah). The pictures effect is hard to explain (I have not a very good English yet) but I can say I touched the color balance, levels, curves, fusion mode…. maybe you can find a good online tutorial or just trying!!

  31. Aaaah photos with 35mm film look. Love it!
    Hope I can make a profile of come cities close to me like the one you’ve made.

  32. Pleasant to the eye, these photos, good work!

  33. If you listen closely, your photos actually come alive … Impressive 😉
    Thanks for that

  34. I love all of those photos! 🙂

  35. Brighton is wonderful! Though very windy when I was there in May. Sadly I only got to spend a few days there :(.

  36. Pretty work of a very pretty Laura. My compliments.

  37. I wish there was a love button~ your photos are stunning~! ^^

  38. Love the photos. Wonderful images of a fantastic, exciting and truly one-off place. Really does it justice. However, I still prefer the old name for our pier. “Palace Pier” is so much better than “Brighton Pier”!

  39. Hi! May I ask what kind of Photoshop do you use? 😀

  40. Beautiful, have a great career.

  41. I’m moving to Brighton to go to University next year. I can’t wait, it looks beautiful. Wonderful photos, you’ve made me all the more excited… (:

  42. I can trully see why you’re happy.. 🙂

  43. Lovely photos. Brighton means a lot to my parents, even though we live in London! I’ve got lots of memories there.

  44. Outstanding photos, very nice work indeed.

  45. i like the last one

  46. Ooooh! I was there this summer and it is so beautiful! Great job capturing the place. Congrats on being freshly pressed.

  47. Really great photos! Thanks for sharing and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  48. Nice blog, love to watch again and again.

    Comment by http://www.cinimage.org

  49. Very Interesting and Cool Pictures!
    Regards Felix Wayland Photography

  50. Great shots. Love the basketball players shot. Such beautiful and muted colour and the light is gorgeous. 🙂

  51. I lived in Brighton for a short time and stumbling upon these photos has been wonderful, you managed to capture it so perfectly both the beauty and the vibe of it. Your processing techniques give a wonderful sense of age and timelessness to the photos. A fantastic set and one that has made me want to return to Brighton as soon as I can.

  52. hello, very lovly great photo,I love your blog,thank to share

  53. I always the toy camera look. Brings something special to each shot.

  54. I’m truly enjoying the style and layout of your website. It is a very effortless on the eyes which makes it much far more enjoyable for me to come here and check out a lot more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Exceptional work!

  55. Interesting Blog…

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